Amendment 4 Removes Racist Language

In addition to voting for your desired candidates, it is your right (and duty) to vote for or against any measures included on the ballot. I admit, in the past, I would glance over them and quickly make a choice without much thought or consideration. But now, New Rule! Become more informed and do not take for granted that everything proposed is for the common good.  If you haven't already voted, here are the amendments proposed on the Alabama 2020 general election ballot. Check them out before going to the polls. Here you can find links to sample ballots and explanations for other states. 

Vote 2020

Time is ticking... The deadline for mail-in/absentee voting is here.

Rules and deadlines vary. Check these resources to see what is appropriate for where you live.

Your Money or Your Life!

That is the choice we all have. Would you rather a robust 401K or be alive to enjoy it?

2020 Census

Due to a new court order, the census reporting deadline expired on October 15, 2020