Lois Shirleen Johnson

May 1, 1947- May 4, 2020

Daughter to the late

Doris and Henry Johnson, Jr.

Younger sister to Warren Johnson, Sr.

Older sister to Marilyn Johnson Winborn.

I miss you, and think of you every day.

Happy Heavenly Birthday!


  • Peggy, Nataleen, Wiley, Cookie and Peggy.   Triple Trouble!
    Tripple Trouble

    Nataleen, Wiley, Cookie and Peggy.   

  • Hanging
    Hanging Out
  • Cookie and Peggy

    Cookie and Peggy out to dinner

  • Party
    Party Over Here

    Cookie, Bob, Vicki, Arthur, and Peggy

  • Friends
    Nite Out

    Anita, Wiley, Peggy and Cookie out partying

  • Lois Johnson
    Gillespie School
  • Getting Ready
    Cookie, Mama and Marilyn

    Prom Primping!

  • She Ready
    She Ready!
  • Cookie and her date
    Cookie and her date
  • Senior
    Senior Picture
  • sisters
  • Lois Johnson

    Cookie in her 'Engagement Coat'!

  • Carol cookie sharon
    Carol Ann, Cookie and Sharon
  • Adrianne and Cookie
    Adrianne and Cookie
  • Lois Johnson
    Grown and Sexy!
  • card party
    Six No Upstairs!
  • Kenny and Cookie
    Kenny and Cookie


  • Having Fun
    Having Fun
  • Family
  • Cookie and Britt
    Cookie and Britt
  • Aunt Gloria and Cookie
    Aunt Gloria and Cookie

    Ebony's shower.

  • Celeste, Nataleen and Cookie
    Celeste, Nataleen and Cookie

    Back from the 'Temptations Review'

  • Hey there
    Hey There!
  • Cookie and Marilyn
    Cookie and Marilyn

    At Mia's Wedding

  • Love!

Happy Birthday!

Dennis Hill
May you continue to Rest in Peace.
Saturday, 18 September 2021
Debra Webb
Happy Heavenly Birthday Lois.
Tuesday, 11 May 2021
Mel Handy
Residency Coordinator
Cookie is gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. Marilyn, I wish you healing and peace. In Jesus name AMEN!! Much Love!
Tuesday, 04 May 2021